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2020 Winter Deciduous Tree ID Advanced Arborist Training

Education Goal:
Enhance arborist expertise and professionalism through accurate year-round identification of trees typically found in Nebraska landscapes. The course is intended to provide education beyond what is typically offered in the NAA’s fall Arborist School. This course is approved for 6.0 hours of ISA and NAA CEUs.

Instructor: Justin Evertson
Course Learning Objectives:
• Build upon information covered in the Fall NAA Tree ID, Selection and Evaluation Workshop
• Identify at least 30 typical Nebraska trees in their winter form
Course Format:
• One Day (9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with one-hour on-site lunch and morning/afternoon breaks)
• Focus morning on inside image review and discussion
• Focus afternoon (“warmest” part of the day) on outside review - weather permitting; otherwise inside review/quizzing

Course Information:
Focus on a variety of morphological characteristics including:
• Branch and Twig Structure
• Habit
• Bark Color, Texture, Patterns
• Bud Scales, Size, Color, Arrangement
• Leaf Scar Patterns and Sizes
• Twig Patterns, Lenticels, Color, Pith
• Persistent Fruit
• Persistent Leaves

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